What to wear for a photo shoot?

Clients always ask me what they should wear, and my answer is always "it depends."  The reason for this is that I recommend different things based on who will be photographed, where the shoot takes place, and the overall look & feel we are going for. 

For example, I love to shoot photos of children that paint a portrait of who they really are.  A baby in dress clothes is totes adorbs, but the clothing becomes merely a background to their wide eyes and chubby cheeks.  Spunky kids can pull off bright colors and patterns with fervor, but any neutral with texture is always a winner because it won't detract from the face.  A high school senior may want to showcase some of their athletic gear or instruments - no problem because it's part of who they are.  For generational photos, simple and similar colors are best. 

All that said, here are some of my general recommendations: 

  • Pick one or two patterns and coordinate with soft colors or neutrals
  • Don't be afraid to add a few pops of color, especially in accessories
  • Jeans photograph better than khakis (hello, wrinkles!)
  • No socks.  Ever.
  • Texture adds interest - think chunky cable knit sweaters or scarves
  • Long sleeves are preferred over short sleeves if weather appropriate
  • For single subject shots - hats, blankets, umbrellas & balloons are all great extras

The location of the shoot is also something to consider.  Flowy dresses on the beach.  Jeans and tees in the park.  They can all work, and some can provide a great juxtaposition (formal clothing in the rain, etc.) but boots on the beach...not so much.  

In other words, clothes alone don't make good photos, but bad clothes can certainly detract from them.

I don't have many hard-and-fast rules, my suggestions always conclude with the following:

1.  Be comfortable. 

2. Be yourself.



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